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Nikk Effinghams RuneQuest Crucible

Welcome to the newly refurbished and redesigned RuneQuest Crucible. I hope you like the new look. My webpage has now been around for about ten years, which means that some of these articles were written when I was... fifteen! Because of this some of the material on this webpage is understandably in need of an update, basically because it's a bit crap. So expect a new cult of Ragnaglar, Glorantha, Gloomshark and many other older features will be changed entirely!

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What's New!

Now available is the Storms Over Ralios Netbook, this is a work-in-progress, it compiles most of the information here and includes some information that is lacking. I'm still in need to a scanner to make the map, however, so you'll have to wait for that.


    Moon Rites Conversions
    Aldryami spirits



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